EHPAEuropean Heat Pump Association
EHPAEuropean Herbal Practitioners Association
EHPAEnhanced Hurricane Protection Area (Florida)
EHPAExoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation (US DARPA program)
EHPAEmergency Health Powers Act
EHPAEarned Home Payments Account
EHPAEuropean Heat Pumps Association
EHPAErhardt Hand Preference Assessment
EHPAEnvironment and Health Protection Administration (Stockholm, Sweden)
EHPAElectro-Hydraulic Power Assist (automotive)
EHPAEmployee Health Programs and Activities
EHPAEden Historic Preservation Association (Eden, TX)
EHPAExtended Hours Pharmacy Association (Australia)
EHPAEast Harbor Planning Area (Florida)
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(16) DRESS, Enquetes EHPA, Etudes et resultats, no.379 et 689.
The overall goal of EHPA is to develop devices that increase the speed, strength and endurance of soldiers in combat environments.
The guillonneau residence (ehpad and ehpa of 100 places) of the ccas of the city of challans wishes to entrust the exploitation and administration in outsourcing to an external third party.
Construction of an ehpa of 60 dwellings - all state corps.
Subject : Pouanc, EHPA, fire safety system installation, Tr 0510.
Object: Les Rosiers-sur-Loire, new town Gennes-Val-de-Loire, renovation of the patios of individual housing at EHPA Les Fontaines residence, 46, rue de la Croix, Tr 0141 reconsultation lot 1: wood frame.
Contract notice: Access to accessibility standards of the ehpad maryse basti in bordeauxthe maryse basti residence owned by aquitanis is a r + 2 housing complex comprising a housing establishment for dependent elderly (ehpad) of 63 beds, a accommodation establishment for elderly (ehpa) and an outdoor parking lot.
Contract notice: furniture for the ehpa the beguinage
Contract notice: connection ehpa street of the sun houses-alfortmodification of 8 existing substations street casanova planets sector and construction of a new substation to connect the new ehpa to the geothermal network
Tenders are invited for Replacement of showers in the 16 apartments of the collective, EHPA Les Tamaris, 41 housing units in Vernoil-le-Fourrier
The purpose of this contract is the supply of foodstuffs, the preparation on site with the service of the meals for the lunch, and the dinner in tray or bag made available or delivered in the apartment, 7/7 days, to the residence autonomy for old people called "residence renatre" (ehpa) non-medicalized, located 1a, rue du mont blanc in antony.
Contract notice:construction of a 100 beds and challans ehpad / ehpa (85) lot 5 - external thermal insulation