EHRPEmergency Humanitarian Response Plan (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
EHRPEnterprise Human Resources and Payroll (software)
EHRPEmergency Human Resources Programme (Malawi)
EHRPEarthquake Hazards Reduction Program
EHRPEndpoint Handlespace Redundancy Protocol (computer communication)
EHRPEast Harbour Regional Park (New Zealand)
EHRPEmergency Health Rehabilitation Project (World Bank)
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References in periodicals archive ?, EHRP, and the Future of the Middle Class Initiative enter this raging debate with the best possible contribution.
Three moderately progressive research, the Economic Hardship Reporting Project (EHRP), and the Future of the Middle Class Initiative--provide extensive analysis and insightful reporting on all aspects of income and wealth inequality.
At least a quarter of the pieces that EHRP publishes come from writers who've been no strangers to poverty.
"We felt like these were stories that had to get out, told in the voice of these people," says Alissa Quart, who has been the executive editor of EHRP since 2014.
Then Land read a Guardian article by Ehrenreich called "In America, Only the Rich Can Afford to Write About Poverty," which introduced her to EHRP for the first time.
EHRP's On the Ground series that ran in the Des Moines Register as well as the Guardian.
In EHRP, this count starts after 900 rounds and all nodes dies in 2700 rounds.
In EHRP maximum cluster formed are more than 30 and this process of cluster formation continues upto 2600 rounds.
Energy Dissipation (Network Lifetime): As shown in Figure 8, network lifetime of all these protocols increases in LEACH, SEP, EHRP, FAIR sequence means LEACH has the minimum network lifetime while FAIR has the maximum.
"We invest a lot less in labor per ton of fertilizer," Ehrp says.
The success of the co-op and the town of Sioux Center go hand-in-hand, Ehrp says.
Construction has currently slowed to 15-20 new homes per year, and Ehrp says it's becoming more of a challenge to maintain profits from the lumberyard.