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EHSIElectronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
EHSIExtendicare Health Services, Inc. (Extendicare, Inc.)
EHSIEnvironmental Hazards Specialists International (North Carolina)
EHSIEffective Heat Strain Index (physiological responses)
EHSIEagle Heights Spanish Immersion school (Eden Prairie, MN)
EHSIEnteric/Hepatic/Splenic Injury (blunt trauma)
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EHSI invests in technology developed to compete in the stem cell research industry.
The presentations, as well as the other aspects of the EHSI experience, give the students the opportunity to become environmental health science ambassadors who can potentially impact the lives of their families and neighbors.
These include a PFD showing all the basic flight instruments including the EHSI (with enhancements) and optional (Aspen) or included (Garmin) multi-function displays for ancillary data and moving maps.
Last December, EHSI acquired a sub-license from Regenetech to use the rotating-wall bioreactor in the company's stem cell development projects.
It comes as no surprise to us that theNASA bioreactor has been chosen for the Space Technology Hall of Fame because we've seen what it can do," said EHSI President and CEO Cindy Morrissey.
From a wiring standpoint, the transition from a legacy box to a new WAAS unit is virtually identical unless certain autopilots and EHSI systems are involved.
Last December, EHSI acquired a sub-license from Houston-based biotech firm Regenetech for the NASA developed rotating-wall bioreactor.
EHSI entered into an option agreement with OceanBASIS in January.
He will be our man on the ground to help EHSI and the Stem Cell Group find and contract research facilities that would benefit from the use of the NASA Bioreactor to produce high-quality adult stem cells crucial to advancing all types of stem cell research.