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EHSIElectronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
EHSIExtendicare Health Services, Inc. (Extendicare, Inc.)
EHSIEnvironmental Hazards Specialists International (North Carolina)
EHSIEffective Heat Strain Index (physiological responses)
EHSIEnteric/Hepatic/Splenic Injury (blunt trauma)
EHSIEagle Heights Spanish Immersion school (Eden Prairie, MN)
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In December, EHSI acquired a licence to use the bioreactor to expand adult stem cells in Germany, China, Panama and elsewhere around the globe.
Celulas Genetica purchased a license to develop and market the Rutherford Procedure earlier this week, a day before EHSI announced the company's acquisition.
The presentations, as well as the other aspects of the EHSI experience, give the students the opportunity to become environmental health science ambassadors who can potentially impact the lives of their families and neighbors.
Newkirk notes that 2005 will be the first year any former EHSI students will have completed their undergraduate education, "and that will give us a picture of their graduate school and career choices." Newkirk hopes some of these students will choose careers in environmental science and return to rural farming communities to contribute their knowledge about environmental health.
Being just a display, an EHSI relies on a remote heading gyro and magnetic slaving system--typically the same ones that fed the mechanical HSI.
After all, the G5 EHSI is intended to replace mechanical, vacuum-driven DGs--many of which work with the heading channel on a variety of existing autopilots.
The predecessors of full-on AHRS-driven glass panels were the once-popular electronic HSIs (EHSI) such as the Sande!
You can configure it for a traditional EHSI or magenta course line, plus overlay ship's radar, SXM and FIS-B weather, traffic and terrain.
With an EHSI or full EFIS, the OBS can automatically change (autoslew) to align with the next leg of your flight plan.
The majority of the flight instruments are steam gauges, but they share space with a WAAS-approved Garmin GNS 480 and a Sandel 3308 Electronic HSI (EHSI).
Over the years I have kept up with upgrades including changing the exterior landing lights to HIDs, updating avionics by adding a Sandel SN3308 EHSI, a Garmin 796 GPS, the VoiceFlight system and most recently, trading out the transponder for a Garmin GTX345 all-in-one transponder for ADS-B compliance.