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EHTSEmacs Hyper Text System
EHTSEvaporative Heat Transfer System
EHTSEnvironmental Health and Trading Standards (UK)
EHTSEmacs Hyper Text System (computing)
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The most important explanation brought forward is a time varying and persistent risk premium, which is assumed constant in the EHTS (Dai, Singleton 2002; Tzavalis, Wickens 1995; Caporale, B.
An alternative explanation of the empirical failure of the EHTS links the failure to central bank policies.
In this study, we test the long-run validity of the EHTS in Turkey by using monthly interest rate series from 2003m1-2010ml (2).
When the EHTS editor was ported from Aalborg University's HyperBase [Will 1993a] to Hyperform, Emacs was used to develop and test the class definitions used to implement the HyperBase data model in the HBMS server.
The EHTS Editor enables a group to collaborate on a shared task.
EHTS is a leading manufacturer of HTS materials and devices, based on its broad HTS technology platform.