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EHTSEmacs Hyper Text System
EHTSEvaporative Heat Transfer System
EHTSEnvironmental Health and Trading Standards (UK)
EHTSEmacs Hyper Text System (computing)
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Study Participants Number Cadre Interviewed RBF Non-RBF PHE 3 DHE 6 7 RGN 2 3 PCN 6 5 EHT 1 2 Nurse aid 2 4 Primary counsellors 1 2 General hand 2 3 Total 49 Abbreviations: RBF, results-based financing; PHE, provincial health executive; DHE, district health executive; RGN, registered general nurse; PCN, primary care nurse; EHT, environmental health technician.
Similarly, while provincial and district managers are clear regarding roles of and relationship between the EHT and NIC in health facilities, other institutional arrangements were such that they left room for friction, no matter the broader incentive arrangements.
However, in terms of the primary screening of EHTs, these large animal models are too expensive and inconvenient.
Malaria case management training was rolled out to untrained nurses and EHTs with support from the Global Fund in 2015.
Based on this type of matrix, they developed heart muscle constructs that fulfilled some prerequisites of graft material for therapeutic approaches, later described as self-assembled engineered heart tissue (EHT) [9, 99, 100].
By the empirical method, one solves for D using hydration rim-radiocarbon date pairs and local temperature data (typically EHT; Rogers 2007).
There is a growing body of literature that attempts to explain the forecasting failure of the EHTS. The most important explanation brought forward is a time varying and persistent risk premium, which is assumed constant in the EHTS (Dai, Singleton 2002; Tzavalis, Wickens 1995; Caporale, B., Caporale, T.
When the EHTS editor was ported from Aalborg University's HyperBase [Will 1993a] to Hyperform, Emacs was used to develop and test the class definitions used to implement the HyperBase data model in the HBMS server.
For imaging of angiogenic sprouting derived from the EHTgrafts, whole mount X-Gal staining from Cdh5-CreERT2 x Rosa26-LacZ derived EHTs was performed and subsequently imaged via light microscopy.
EHTs are now in different stages of being stood up as numbered units that will soon deploy to replace the current EHTs.
The 15th Explosive Hazards Team (EHT) is embedded within the 130th Engineer Brigade headquarters in Afghanistan, giving it a sphere of influence that spans the theater.