EHvAEducatieve Hogeschool van Amsterdam (teacher/educator training in Amsterdam)
EHvAElectro-Hydraulic Valve Actuation (diesel engines)
EHvAEvergreen Healthy Vegetarian Association (Los Altos, CA)
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Project on the realization of pharmaceutical services in the context of the ehva vaccination trial t01 / anrs vri05.
An array of colourful costumes were paraded by Ehva Khalid, Luke Perry Schaab, Matthew Daly, Jenefer Malinao, Yolanda Fernandez Tacsay, Jane Daly, Ruth Ashley, Merlyn Longitsch, Lailani Farman and Jeanette Ocampo.
EHVA project has developed a global and innovative strategy which includes: a) the multidisciplinary expertise involving immunologists, virologists, structural biology experts, statisticians and computational scientists and clinicians; b) the most innovative technologies to profile immune response and virus reservoir; c) the access to large cohort studies bringing together top European clinical scientists/centres in the fields of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines, d) the access to a panel of experimental HIV vaccines under clinical development that will be used as benchmark, and e) the liaison to a number of African leading scientists/programs which will foster the testing of future EHVA vaccines through EDCTP