EI2Extranet, Internet, and Intranet (EI^2)
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The publications' font size and style as well as line spacing are superior to EI2, while its bibliographies follow the same user-unfriendly format, and do not adhere to alphabetical order.
RESULTS OF SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS Analysis for pull-out load: For independent factors which influence the statistical variations included in the analytical solution equations of pull-out load, the elastic modulus of first and second infill layers (EI1, EI2) and the qyI2) are considered.
Para se atingir o objetivo do trabalho, foram estabelecidos os seguintes parametros relacionados a estrategia de investimentos continuos da industria bancaria brasileira como um todo (todos investigados no periodo de 2000 a 2011: a) Rede de Atendimento (EI1); b) Quantidade de Contas (EI2); c) Bancarizacao (EI3); d) Quantidade de Transacoes (EI4); f) Quantidade de Caixas Eletronicos (EI5); g) Despesas e Investimentos em TI (EI6).
1490) and his Umm al-Barahin is significant; see article on him in EI2 by H.
(Y/N) EI EI2 Have any of your process [1, 23, 29] innovations over the past 12 months been directly related to or enabled by Internet-based technology?
EI2, begun in 1954 (completed in 2005), incorporated Muslim authors and expanded content.
Si bien estas magnitudes (EI2) estan asociadas al tamano de la coleccion, es claro que ellas dependen de la calidad de la representacion.
Five questions were worded so that a strongly agree low score would be more indicative of proenvironmental values (questions EI1, EI2, EI3, EI5, EI6), whereas two questions on the indirect costs of protection were worded so that a strongly agree low score would be indicative of antienvironmental values (EI4, EI7).
The first section (Schumann) has just two melodies: Luther's familiar Vom Himmel koch (Eu), and Decius's ubiquitous Allein Gott in der Hoh sei Ehr (Ei2), an adaptation of the Gloria paschati chant.
6 With King's EzI program (version 1.21), we used the EI command to make the first-stage estimates and the EI2 command to make the second-stage estimates.
The energy inputs to each reservoir (EI1 and EI2) are partialled out according to the two contributors.
(23.) "Muwashshah," in Encyclopaedia of Islam, New Edition (Leiden: Brill, 1960-2004) (hereafter, EI2).