EI2Extranet, Internet, and Intranet (EI^2)
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The publications' font size and style as well as line spacing are superior to EI2, while its bibliographies follow the same user-unfriendly format, and do not adhere to alphabetical order.
3 Residence (years) % > 5 years in county + 81% Income level at range midpoint + $77,543 (mean) Households earning < $50K (%) 42 Households earning > $100K (%) 23 Schooling (range completed) + % with bachelor degree or higher + 31 Distance (miles from critical habitat) - Member (1 = yes, 0 = no) + Membership in environmental group (%) Direct attitude scores: EI1 - EI2 - EI3 - EI5 - EI6 - Indirect scores: EI4 + EI7 + SURVEY (1 = all, 0 = fairy shrimp) + Response rate (%) Whole All Species Characteristic/ Sample Subsample Variable (n = 523) (n = 281) Gender (1 = male, 0 = female) % 58.
The authors who produced EI2 were also an entirely different breed from the missionary-cum-Orientalist writers of EI1.
Even the objections of civil libertarians are not expected to stop this new movement to electronic identification," said Terry Kirby, EI2 CEO.
EI2 can be one of the first companies able to provide the business executive with a cost-effective biometrics security offering while being able to offer the IT executive a single integration standard to radically simplify the implementation effort to incorporate biometrics based security," states EI2 CEO Terry Kirby.
Innovative Strategies, a Silicon Valley-based strategic consulting firm, will focus on helping EI2 evolve into a profitable company.
For a concise account of his life and works, see EI2, article "Fakhr al-Din al-Razi" by G.
As a Microsoft associate, you have the opportunity to showcase your products and services, and leverage your relationship with Microsoft," said Philip Ardizzone, of Microsoft's Pavilion Team in a recent letter to EI2 CEO Terry Kirby.
Unlike traditional smart cards, EI2 Smart ID Card(TM) through its patented compression technology eliminates fraud and forgery while facilitating rapid and easy movement across borders and through security check points.
Bosworth, The History of the Saffdrids ofSistan and the Maliks of Nimraz (Costa Mesa and New York: Mazda Publishers, 1994); idem, "Saffarids," EI2, 8: 795-98.