EIAAEuropean Interactive Advertising Association
EIAAEligible Investment Advice Arrangement (wealth management)
EIAAEnvironmental Impact Assessment Act (various nations)
EIAAEnvironment Industry Action Agenda (Australia)
EIAAExtended-Interval Aminoglycoside Administration (pediatrics)
EIAAExporters and Importers Association of Alberta (Canada)
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Chief Judge Stewart ordered the parties to address the relationship between the BIC and EIAA Exemptions in 10-page briefs due in 10 days, according to Sweeney.
EUROPEAN INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION (EIAA) (2007): Mediascope Europe, en European Interactive Advertising Association, http:www.eiaa.net (fecha de consulta: 7 de diciembre de 2010)
German Internet users above 55 may only be buying five and hence half as many items online as average Internet users in Europe, but the products tend to have significantly higher prices (EIAA, 2007).
Segun EIAA (10) los jovenes dedican el 10% de su tiempo a la lectura de periodicos y el 8% a la lectura de revistas.
Elle s'appuie sur des resultats de l'Enquete internationale sur l'alphabetisation des adultes (EIAA) indiquant que les activites de lecture et d'ecriture de la vie courante favorisent l'alphabetisme et sur le constat de participation a des activites de preparation a l'emploi faisant appel a de la lecture et a de l'ecriture de jeunes gens peu scolarises.
of law) eueu * NEUEU (nephew) euii CLEUIINDE (cleaving) euoa euoo euue * EUUELA (uvula) euuu eaai SEA-AIR eaea * AEAEANS * w2 eaeo ANDREAEOBRYA oopc eaie DREAIEN (draw v.) eaiu eaoi TEA-OIL eaua * BREAUARYE (breviary) eauo BUREAU-OCRACY eeae PROTEEAE medical eeau * BLEEAUNT (type of tunic) eeei THREE-EIGHTHS eeia * EEIAO * (ear) haw eeio SPEEIOUS (specious) eeoe PEEOE (type of firework) eeou THREE-OUNCER eeui eiaa FEIAA (Algeria) eiao * EIAO * (Fr.
As a result, new statutes such as the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (EIAA)(48) and the Soil Environment Preservation Act(49) have passed the National Assembly.