EIAJElectronic Industry Association of Japan
EIAJElectronic Industries Association of Japan
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7 PACKAGE LEVEL RELIABILITY TESTING Condition Results Body EIAJ RCX-104/104 N=5, OK strength 10[N], 10[sec] min.
By offering a single chip solution that replaces multiple external components including digital I/O, analog I/O, sync delay, headphone drivers and a worldwide demodulator supporting EIAJ, BTSC, NICAM and A2, the SGTV5800 simplifies TV audio design and provides customers with a highly flexible solution at a reduced cost.
The integration of the SGTV58XX includes digital I/O, analog I/O, sync delay, headphone drivers and a worldwide demodulator supporting EIAJ, BTSC, NICAM and A2.
Member of the EIAJ working group to define a 4-year view of
The CS8405A encodes and transmits audio data according to the AES3, IEC60958, S/PDIF, or EIAJ CP1201 standards.
The WM8803 is a digital audio interface receiver conforming to IEC 60958/61937 and EIAJ CP-1201.
In addition to maintaining two design centers, WELLS-CTI participates in JEDEC and EIAJ packaging conferences, works closely with major customers to understand their IC packaging roadmaps, and is actively working on reliable solutions to accommodate evolving fine pitch, high speed, high pin count interconnect requirements.
All parts are fully compatible with EIAJ CPI1201, IEC60958, SPDIF and AES3 standards.
The SAA7133 incorporates high quality, multi-standard video decoding and low-noise stereo decoding in accordance with the US stereo television broadcast and reception standard BTSC-dbx (Broadcast Television Systems Committee), and the corresponding standard for Japan set by the EIAJ (Electronic Industries Association of Japan).
Both the CS8416 and CS8406 are fully compatible with EIAJ CP1201, IEC60958, SPDIF and AES3 standards.
The invitation to cooperate on the ITRS was extended by the SIA at the World Semiconductor Council in April of 1998 to Europe (represented by the European Electronics Component Manufacturers Association - EECA), Korea (Korea Semiconductor Industry Association - KSIA), Japan (formerly the Electronic Industry Association of Japan - EIAJ - and now the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association - JEITA), and Taiwan (Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association - TSIA).
The CX23881, a pin-and software-compatible subset for the European marketplace, captures and decodes all broadcast audio standards used worldwide including, NICAM, A2, EIAJ, RDS, into 48 kHz pulse code modulation (PCM) streams for DMA to the host, connection to optical/co-axial digital audio interfaces, or as analog stereo left-and-right signals for connection to the PC sound card or external speakers.