EIAREthiopian Institute of Agricultural Research
EIAREnte Italiano Audizioni Radiofoniche (Italian; former national radio network)
EIAREnvironmental Impact Assessment Report
EIAREcumenical and Interfaith Archives of Rochester (Rochester, NY)
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'The shipping company may contest the EIAR in an adjudication proceeding,' Encina said.
33-40, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (Hiruy Hall, EIAR, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 2012.
At the EIAR experimental farm, numerical and statistical forecasts will be compared and utilized to develop mitigating strategies that boost crop yields.
Other land use planning measures introduced in the state to improve city planning and development activities in the state include the submission of Environmental Impact Analysis Report (EIAR) on proposed projects such as industries, petrol stations, places of worships, schools and residential estate in excess of six flats in a plot of land.
SIP provides a rich database of conventional variables, and includes information on rationing (EIAR) variables and other Soviet-specific variables.
There are also indexes of radio and television programs, and of Metropolitan Opera broadcasts and telecasts, of EIAR and RAI operatic broadcasts and telecasts, and of film soundtracks.
This was released by the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research (EIAR), with the aim of increasing production and productivity.
The authors declare that the research data and their findings belong to them and their institution EIAR. They declare that they have no conflicts of interest.
(22) To exploit a similar approach on enset, a crop genetically closely related to banana, researchers at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), in partnership with scientists at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) based in Kenya, have recently initiated a joint research project to develop bacterial wilt resistant varieties.
A CDA official member administration Amir Ali Ahmed informed that CDA has already obtained a mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) of the project from the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA) which has given a seal of approval to the plan, as in its absence people slaughter animals at private slaughterhouses or in the open, adversely impacting the environment.
Entre las republicanas citamos Union Radio (Madrid, Barcelona y Valencia), Radio Espana, Trans-Radio, etc., y entre las franquistas, Radio Las Palmas, Union Radio Sevilla, Radio Club Tenerife, Radio Ceuta, Radio Tetuan y Radio Melilla, etc., que siguieron el ejemplo de la radiodifusion italiana (EIAR, Ente Italiano per le Audizione Radiofoniche) y alemana (RRG, Rundfunk Reichs Gessellschaft); por ejemplo, Alemania contribuyo al nacimiento de Radio Nacional, embrion de la actual cadena radiofonica espanola, instalando una potente emisora de la marca Lorenz, con una potencia de 10 kilovatios (Cervera, 1998; Pizarroso, 1990, 2005; Vntin, 1984).