EICTErode Institute of Chemical Technology Polytechnic College (India)
EICTEuglycemic Insulin Clamp Technique (neuroscience)
EICTElectrical Impedance Computerized Tomography
EICTExternally Derived Isovolumic Contraction Time (atrial fibrillation)
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Charge d'Affaires of Mongolia to Japan, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and representing the organizers Deputy Director of the SME Development Fund at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and head of the EICT gave opening remarks.
Although the Taiwan government is eager to develop the EICT sector due to great growth potential in demand for AMI and EMS products globally, officials of the Bureau of Energy, however, warn that Taiwanese enterprises may be locked out the lucrative segments until they prove their production capability and capacity.
(25) It also supports Latin American production in other ways, for example, since 1987 it has cooperated with the New Latin American International Film Festival in Havana by providing prizes, it also distributes Latin American films in Spain, and it maintains relationships with the Cuban International School for Film and Television (EICT) and with the Foundation for New Latin American Cinema.