EICTAEuropean Information Communications and Consumer Electronics Industry Technology Association
EICTAEuropean Information and Communication Technology Association (lobbying; Brussels, Belgium)
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* The certification should follow the guidelines of the "Material Composition Declaration Guide" by EIA, EICTA and JGPSSI, when finalized and released.
Ms Meglena Kuneva receives members of the top management of European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association (EICTA)
The threat of a US complaint is a source of concern to the EICTA, the IT industry association in Europe, which fears that a WTO procedure might freeze renegotiation of the ITA.
+ Speech "i2010 - Stocktaking after 2 years" by Ms Reding at the closing of the EICTA General Assembly (European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association)
"This reform is now dead," CLRA spokesperson and Director-General of the European digital technology industry group EICTA Mark MacGann indicated at a press conference on 13 December, adding that "even if the project is relaunched, it will never be resolved" under this Commission.
The system needs to be reformed "to make it more transparent," notes EICTA Director General Mark MacGann, spokesman for the Copyright Levies Reform Alliance (CLRA), explaining that the industry receives invoices for fees put in place in the 1960s.
EICTA, the industry body representing Europe's large and small high tech companies, is in favour ofareform of the system of payment for private copying.
The current approach by collection societies, is one "completely outdated in the digital world", said Leo Baumann of EICTA (the European Digital Media Association), especially due to the growing number of multiple use items - such as mobile phones.
On the eve of the vote in plenary, the struggle extended even to the canal running past the European Parliament, where an EICTA (European Information and Communication Technology Association) sporting a large banner "Vote for patentability, patents = innovation" was attacked by the opposition in rubber dinghies, said the rapporteur of the Directive, French Socialist Michel Rocard, who witnessed the naval battle with "tens of billions of euros" at stake.
Q: EICTA has welcomed the Council's common position on the CII proposal as providing "clarification and codification of existing patent law" in Europe.
EICTA, the European Information and Communication Technologies Association, expressed concern that these amendments would create such gigantic exceptions as to leave patents bereft of all value.
EICTA, which represents the IT and communications sector (including big names such as Alcatel, Apple, Epson, and Microsoft), calls the decision "disproportionate".