EID5050% Egg Infective Dose
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The 50% mouse lethal dose of A/common buzzard/ Bulgaria/38WB/2010 was 30 EID50 (EID50 of the virus was 109/mL).
Group C1 not challenged and group C2 Challenged against Virulent ND virus10 4 EID50, 0.
Chicken embryo lesions: The 10-day-old SPF chicken embryo eggs were inoculated 200 l allantoic fluid of 103 EID50, the eggs were observed for embryo mortality and lesions.
SPF chicken embryos, 911 days old, were used for titration of swabs or isolated virus, and the EID50 was calculated by the ReedMuench method (OIE,2002).
24 EID50 / ml while in commercial layer embryonated eggs it was found to be 1011 EID50 / ml.
Egg infectious dose 50 (EID50) and Mean Death Time (MDT) determination: EID50 /ml and MDT of the LPAIV H9N2 were determined in 09 days old embryonated eggs of Desi and commercial layer chicken by the method as described in the OIE manual (2009).
On 21st day of study experimental group was infected intraocularly with 1A-106 EID50 of H9N2 and intratracheally with 1A- 1010 CFU of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale (ORT).