EIDCEntertainment Industry Development Corporation
EIDCEuropean Information Development Conference
EIDCEpson Imaging Devices Corporation (Japan)
EIDCEnd Item Delivery Code
EIDCEthernet-enabled Integrated Door Controller
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For Parsons, the task has been four-fold: Manage the EIDC while a KPMG audit is being completed; start revamping the agency into a more accountable operation; deal with fallout from residents' complaints about in cessant film shoots in certain neighborhoods; and keep the agency focused on its central mission of retaining local, off-lot production of about 45,000 permitted film days.
It seems that they have been using an elephant gun to shoot a mouse," notes Cluff, who has been at the center of the storm of negative publicity surrounding the EIDC and is leaning toward quitting.
4 raid on the Hollywood offices of the EIDC, a previously anonymous operation created in 1995 by merging L.
The actors unions got wise to the practice and alerted the EIDC.