EIDMEritrean Independent Democratic Movement
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Why ETDM has better performance than EIDM? In fact, the EIDM (ETDM) is constructed by classifying CR and precipitation into different groups based on echo intensity (ET height), and the parameters a and b in the Z-R relationship are fitted by the CR values and the observed precipitations for a specific group.
All three methods (SM, EIDM, and ETDM) have successfully derived the precipitation near the maximum precipitation center (i.e., the black square in Figure 6).
It has been shown in the above three cases that the ETDM proposed in the present study results in a more accurate RQPE than the traditional SM and EIDM do.
However, there is a significant improvement for the EIDM to derive RQPE, with a significant increase of correlation coefficient to 0.64, a reduction of RMSE to 2.5 mm, and a decrease of RE to 59%.
Similarly, the EIDM improves the accuracy of RQPE in the winter season on the basis of SM.
The above analysis evaluates the performance of the SM, EIDM, and ETDM to derive RQPE in an overall perspective.
In addition to above, an EIDM account allows you to:
* Participate in the Open Payments Program--Once given EIDM access, you will be able to review financial data reported about payments or other transfers of value (e.g., speaking engagements, travel expenses, gifts, entertainment or participating in a paid advisory board); this could help you dispute any inaccuracies before they are posted on a public website.
EIDM allows you to create a User ID up to 74 characters; however, some applications have restrictions on the number of characters, and special characters, you can have in the user ID you create.
Who do I contact if I have login issues with my EIDM account?
He said the EIDM tool is only one piece of the federal marketplace's registration and access management system, which involves multiple vendors and pieces of technology.
8, "even at high levels of registration, the EIDM tool was processing those volumes at error rates close to zero, and continues to do so." As a result of this work, the EIDM tool is keeping pace with demand, Slavitt said.