EIDPEmployment Intervention Demonstration Program (research study)
EIDPEnd-Item Data Package (government contracting)
EIDPEarly Intervention Developmental Profile
EIDPEuropean Institute for Democratic Participation
EIDPE I DuPont de Nemours Company
EIDPEnlisted Individual Development Plan (US Air Force)
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Once enrolled in the study, lack of participation in EIDP services or research interviews were not criteria for exclusion from the study sample.
Job data were collected using the EIDP Common Protocol and Documentation's employment tracking procedures, including job start and end forms completed by program and research staff [24].
Characteristics of the 892 individuals included in the job separation analysis were compared with the remainder of the EIDP cohort not included in the present analysis (n = 756).
Employee characteristics were collected in the baseline EIDP interview, and include age in years, sex (female = 1 or male = 0), race and/or ethnic group (racial and/or ethnic minority = 1 or Caucasian = 0), educational attainment (1 = less than high school or 0 = otherwise, 1 = some college or more or 0 = otherwise), prior work history (1 = employed in 5 yr prior to study entry or 0 = otherwise), marital status (1 = married or cohabiting or 0 = otherwise), and SSA disability program status (1 = enrolled in SSDI or SSI or 0 = not enrolled).
EIDP as an approach is itself a real incentive, as it saves investors time and money and streamlines their efforts in meeting all procedures and conditions.
With EIDP taking effect, sustainability practices will be ingrained into the conceptual phases of construction, tourism, educational, civic, commercial and residential and infrastructure projects planned across the emirate.
Unveiled at Environment 2009, EIDP is aimed at changing mindsets whilst embedding basic sustainability principles in development codes and regulations ensuring that every future project in Abu Dhabi achieves higher levels of sustainability through simply
EIDP also has its own Pearl Design System which is available to those developers seeking to achieve a higher sustainability quality.
The EIDP encompasses all three stages of the lifecycle of a project, from A to Z.
The Texas, Maine, and Arizona sites used models developed especially for the EIDP. In Texas, the model included supported employment services with social network enhancements that were specifically designed to help individuals create more balanced and reciprocal interpersonal networks to bolster work efforts.
The EIDP is a multisite collaboration between eight research demonstration sites, a coordinating center, and the Federal CMHS of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
Abbreviations: ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, AIDS = acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, CMHS = Center for Mental Health Services, EBP = evidence-based practice, EIDP = Employment Intervention Demonstration Program, HIV = human immunodeficiency virus, SAMHSA = Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SCI = spinal cord injury, TBI = traumatic brain injury.