EIEDExponential Increase Exponential Decrease
EIEDEngine Indication Electronic Display (aviation)
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Though the algorithm slightly performs better than EIED, similar drawbacks such as the inefficient use of the total network bandwidth and usage of non-optimal CW is still prevalent.
This algorithm is a novel combination of EIED and LILD.
However, to the best of our knowledge, previous analytical models did not consider the backoff freezing problem and EIED simultaneously.
This paper proposes a novel analytical model to analyze and validate a saturated IEEE 802.11 wireless network employing BEB or EIED backoff algorithm in case of existing misbehavior nodes.
Numerical results in [2, 3] show that throughput improvement of IEEE 802.11 saturated network with EIED backoff algorithm overcame BEB backoff algorithm in the same conditions.
He added that during the visit to EIED, which is affiliated to the Oil Industries' Engineering and Construction (OIEC), Iraqi Oil Minister Thamir Ghadhban learned about the capacities of the company, and it was decided that a joint partnership be established between OIEC and a similar company in Iraq in order to develop joint capacity utilization.
These models were used to derive the duration time, transmission probabilities, transition probabilities and steady-state probabilities of the states of node as well as the throughput of MANETs by adopting EIED back-off mechanism.
For EIED back-off mechanism the contention window size is decreased by a factor [r.sub.D] upon a successful transmission, and increased by a factor [r.sub.L] upon a collision.
In order to validate the proposed models, a performance comparison of the throughput of an existing model(BEB model) that used BEB as back-off mechanism with the throughput of the proposed model (EIED model) that used EIED as back-off mechanism was carried out by considering persistent probability, sensing range, transmission range, length of DATA transmission and back-off time.
Zanganeh broke the news on Sunday during a visit to the Energy Industries Engineering and Design (EIED) Company, adding that "There are massive potentialities for expanding Iran-Iraq cooperation in oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals grounds, and Iran is ready to offer its capabilities to the Iraqi oil sector."