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EIESElectronic Information Exchange System
EIESEngineering and Industrial Experiment Station
EIESEuropean Information Exchange Service (est. 1995)
EIESElectron Impact Emission Spectroscopy
EIESEcho Information Exchange Site
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To early modern eies unaccustomed to ideal forms of vernacular words, what is the relationship of the things we now designate as hair and heir to all of those other spelled forms?
ETHENWALD Then as your Grace did giue to me in charge, I have dischargde my dutie euery way, And communed with the maid you so commend: For when the Sun, rich Father of the day, Eie of the world, King of the spangled vale, Had run the circuit of the Horizon, And that Artofelex, the nights bright star, Had brought fair Luna from the purpled mayne, Where she was dallying with her wanton loue, To lend her light to wearie traueilers, Then twas my chance to arriue at Osricks house: But being late, I could not then vnfolde The message that your Grace had giuen in charge: But in the morne Aurora did appeare, At sight of whom the Welkin straight did cleare.
These observations about changes in the balance and nature of interaction between the instructor and the class members were also documented in pilot studies of earlier online courses of EIES (Hiltz, 1986a).
As Elizabeth left the city, the pamphlet records that she told the mayor, " 'I have laid up in my breast such good will, as I shall never forget Norwich;' and proceeding onward, did shake hir riding-rod, and said, 'Farewel, Norwich,' wyth the water standing in her eies." (38) A host could not hope for a better sign of success.
In the 1563 woodcut, we see this wording: "Lord ope the king of Englands eies." Accidentals change in the illustration for Whole Works (fig.
Stamping and staring were two of the symptoms conventionally associated by early modern English writers with rage; Joseph Hall, for example, speaks of anger as a "stamping with the feet" and a "glaring of the eies." (8) Indeed, the OED asserts that "to stamp and stare" was a commonplace phrase denoting the expression of uncontrolled fury, and cites the line from the Shearmen and Taylors' pageant as an early instance.
The fourth, and most interesting, event of the week was the first Meeting of Iberia-American Software Exporters (abbreviated EIES in Spanish).
Not giddily like Brutus, passionately Like old Lucretius with his teare swolne eies, Not laughingly like Mutius Scae;vola Nor bluntly like Horatius Cocles here.
Let it suffise, / That my slacke muse, sings of Leander's eies" (77).
While Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIES) still hangs like a threat over the Catholic schools of Ontario, having basically been accepted by all Catholic school boards, (see "The mask comes off, School Board defies parents," C.I., Oct.2011, pp.
It is therefore a very wicked and inhumane thing for Gentlewomen to cherish them in their bosoms yea in their beds, as I haue seene some doe with mine owne eies" (T3).
With contemplation of Gods powrefull might, Shee fils the eies, the hearts, the tongues, the eares