EIFOEthernet In, FDDI Out
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Moreover, the research indicates that in EIFOs, rewarding integrity and integrity-based leadership is critical.
The Network Peripherals EIFO solution proved to be the cure.
Achados no exame: nistagmo semi-espontaneo do tipo multiplo com caracteristicas centrais e ausencia de EIFO.
Vises Vorasucha, technical director of Sumitomo Electric Communications Engineering (Thailand), said: "Network Peripherals products -- especially EIFO -- have a significant technical and price/performance advantage over competitors.
Because scanners, printers and raster image processors are usually Ethernet-based, the EIFO switch can provide a dedicated Ethernet port with a full 10-Mbps bandwidth to each device.
Network Peripherals' EIFO Switching Hubs are very suitable for the China market.
The EIFO+ is the newest member of the award-winning EIFO Client/Server Switching Hub family, and is the only Ethernet/FDDI Client/Server Switching Hub optimized for Sun networks.
NYSE:BBY), a leading electronic appliance retailer based in Minnesota, selected the EIFO Client/Server Switching Hub for its informational kiosks in its stores nationwide.
Demand for our EIFO switching hubs continued to be very strong, and I was particularly pleased with our progress in expanding our distributor and value added reseller channels in North America and in international markets," she said.
These distributors will offer NPI's full line of bandwidth boosting solutions to their reseller networks including the EIFO Client/Server Switching Hub Family and 100 Mbps FDDI network adapters.