EIGEEuropean Institute for Gender Equality (Vilnius, Lithuania)
EIGEEidgenössisches Institut Für Geistiges Eigentum (Swiss institute for intellectual property)
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Dace Kavasa, the founder of Evolve Sia, a consultant on gender equality and diversity and an EIGE Expert Forum member for Latvia, sees the current debate as being characterised as 'fiction versus facts'.
While chairing the network, EIGE wanted to give special focus to digitalisation, which has dramatically changed the everyday lives of both women and men.
FOR GENDER EQUALITY [hereinafter EIGE, CASM], http://eige.
See EIGE, CASM, supra note 92 (stating that "Weil-Curiel .
She has extensive experience in the field of gender equality at the international, national and regional level: management of institutions dealing with gender equality and human rights (former Vice-President of the European Inter University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation in Venice, EIGE Management Board Member); good knowledge of the EU policies and politics (Jean Monnet Chair Holder, University of Cyprus).
That is why equal access to affordable and good quality training is so important to provide new skills needed for the jobs of the future, said Virginija Langbakk, EIGEs director.
The scope of the provision of interim personnel services to EIGE covers the following:
to reinforce staff shortages in case of absences of EIGE staff due to maternity/parental leaves,
The indicative range of services EIGE may require under this Framework Contract is related to the
The data collected for this study and other Eastern Partnership data will be incorporated into EIGEs new Gender Statistics Database.
They contain copies of correspondence among Eiges and other network executives about the hearings and copies of newspaper and magazine articles on the coverage.
The general objective for EIGEs role in this campaign is to strengthen the involvement of men in