EIHAEnglish Ice Hockey Association
EIHAEuropean Industrial Hemp Association (est. 2005; Germany)
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Should agreement not be achieved the EIHA will still continue to support the Elite clubs as it is imperative that ice hockey is played in the English rinks and that the young and up and coming players are given every chance to pursue their right to play at the highest levels.
If a satisfactory way forward cannot be reached then we, the EIHA board of directors, would view this with dismay and as a sign of major failure by the board of IHUK.
By joining EIHA, Coventry will be able to play in a league that comes under an official banner.
But the EIHL will not have a voice at the table at IHUK in the same way that the Findus British National League does as it will be represented by EIHA.
The resulting support system was one of the fundamental objectives behind the formation of the EIHL and has been a goal of the EIHA for several years.
This is a great move by the EIHA," said Whitley coach Simon Leach last night.
A ruling this season from the EIHA has set strict dates by which all competitions must be completed, so we decided that the Bombers would not enter this year's English Cup.
However, a sending-off for the former Durham Wasps forward, despite his reluctance to fight, in the 13-1 win over Newcastle last Sunday, means he will now miss out of that finale, unless the club is successful in an appeal lodged with the EIHA this week.
Controversial rule changes have seen EIHA referees adopting a zero tolerance stance throughout the opening games.
Nottingham's withdrawal followed an EIHA decision to penalise them for fielding ineligible players, against Billingham in the opening play-off game.
They finished second in the EIHA Northern League and will play the Southern League winners in a national semi-final at Sheffield on May 14.