EIHCEuro Ice Hockey Challenge (Europe)
EIHCEastern Iowa Hawkeye Conference (high school athletics)
EIHCExtraordinary International Hydrographic Conference
EIHCEssex Institute Historical Collections (Salem, MA)
EIHCEnglish Ibizan Hound Club (UK)
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To date, we have sent 208 eIHC requests, with an average turnaround time of 3.9 days.
In order for overlean fuel from the premixed burn to contribute significantly to the trends presented in Figure 3, the fraction of mf ,EOIPMB that is overlean (the "overlean fraction") must: (i) increase significantly with H at EOPMB (to produce increasing trends in EIHC with H, as observed in Figure 3), (ii) be smaller for the low CN fuels relative to the medium and high CN fuels at each injection pressure (to bring the curves together at each injection pressure), and (iii) must be larger for the 80-MPa injection pressure relative to the 180-MPa injection pressure (to produce the separation with injection pressure that was experimentally observed).
Figure 11 presents model results for EIHC from overlean fuel during the mixing-controlled phase, for 21% [X.sub.O2] and [[phi].sub.crit] = 0.4.
Equisol Energy Services (EES) is a division of Equisol LLC, a subsidiary of Environmental Infrastructure Holdings (EIHC), the parent company of diverse environmental manufacturing, engineering and services companies.