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EIIPEmission Inventory Improvement Program
EIIPEmergency Information Infrastructure Partnership (aka Emergency Information Infrastructure Project)
EIIPEmployment Intensive Investment Programme (International Labour Organization)
EIIPElectron-Ion Interaction Potential Value
EIIPEarly Intervention in Psychosis (National Health Service; UK)
EIIPEcuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property (est. 1998)
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Then we compare our Code13 mapping method with four widely used mapping methods selected from the aforementioned mapping approaches, that is, Voss, EIIP, SP, and PN mapping methods.
It was previously shown that the periodicity of EIIP distribution along the protein sequence correlates with biological activity of a protein, especially with its specific interactions with ligands and other proteins (reviewed in [16]).
First, different sequences of the pandemic H1N1 and classical H1N1 which existed before were encoded into a time series signal using EIIP sequence indicators.
Each amino acid is represented by the value of the electron-ion interaction potential (EIIP), describing the average energy states of all valence electrons in a given amino acid.