EIIREuropean Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (Paris, France)
EIIREfficiency Issues in Information Retrieval (workshop)
EIIRElizabeth II Regina (Queen of Great Britain)
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and stamped with EIIR in gold, which has then been burnished.
RAF planes salute the Queen yesterday with a spectacular fly-past in the shape of EIIR.
Today they are personalised cards - designed to be framed - sent by normal post but franked with the Royal EIIR cipher by the Court Post Office at the Palace.
The gold-embossed invites, on thick white card measuring 8in by 6in and stamped with EIIR, were sent out last week with many arriving at the weekend.
Tecle Vetrali, "I religiosi coinvolti nella via del dialogo: Riflessioni in margine al 31 incontro dell' EIIR a Neuendettelsau.
The monthly payable interest rate is estimated using EIIR plus 2.
n The scarlet briefcase was made for Gladstone in 1860 and was used by every Chancellor since, until James Callaghan (the only Chancellor to have worked for the Inland Revenue) who in 1965 and 1966 used a 'vulgar brown valise' bearing the monogram EIIR.
Legislative and administrative proposals for national health information infrastructure and EIIR standards and incentives mean HIM professionals must consider their changing roles in managing patient information.
The metal is embossed with images including triplanes, crocodiles, lions, elephants, and the EIIR royal cypher.
It uses bar codes to tie the samples to patients' EIIR data in a de-identified way.