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Last year, the Chancellor announced a package of measures that will run until 2015 to help offset some of these costs for EIIs. But it is still unclear who qualifies and whether funds will be adequate.
The implementation of EIIS resulted in reduced operating costs and increased data reliability, and this in turn supported significantly improved departmental planning and accountability.
"Given the impact the delay is having on business we will explore whether there is a way to ensure the eventual decision enables EIIs to claim back-payment of the compensation to April 2013 when the CPF scheme came into force.
Also positive is the establishment of European industrial initiatives (EIIs) with technology road maps for 2010-2020 as well as the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), operational since October 2008.
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Whilst supporting the European industrial initiatives (EIIs) proposed by the Commission, MEPs also call for biofuels research to be intensified under SET.