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EIJEgyptian Islamic Jihad
EIJÉcole d'Improvisation Jazz (French: Jazz Improvisation School)
EIJEritrean Islamic Jihad (Eritrea)
EIJEarth Island Journal (San Francisco, California)
EIJEspace Information Jeunesse (French: Area Youth Information)
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The second group, containing 1,534 genes upregulated in exposed C57BL/6J mice to better resemble CAST/ EiJ, was enriched for genes in the phase II detoxification and DNA damage response pathways (Figure 5A, Group 2; see also Excel Table S10).
According to former al-Qa'ida trainer Ali Mohamed, the Iranians granted al-Zawahiri's request and began training EIJ members in both Iran and Sudan, while also providing $2 million in financial support.
For the animal weights and the carcass characteristics, the model used was: Yij = [mu] + Bi + Tj + Eij, where [micro] = overall mean; Bi=block effect (i=1 to 7); Tj = treatment effect (j=1 to 3), and Eij = residual error.
But what Robertson prefers to talk about is his company EIJ (named after his three sons), which is putting a full court press on its first consumer product, Aquavert, an eco-friendly household cleaner.
In around 1998 the EIJ, led by al-Zawahiri, merged with al-Qaeda.
In order to quantify this impact, we use the specialization index (Aij), the export performance ratio (Eij), and the intra-industry trade index (Bij).
Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) emerged in the 1970s and carried out the 1981 assassination of Former President Anwar Sadat.
Egyptian Islamist Jihad (EIJ) emerged in the 1970s and carried out the 1981 assassination of President Anwar Sadat.
Emaar International Jordan (EIJ), the country subsidiary of leading real estate developer Emaar Properties, has unveiled the second phase of The Apartments at the Samarah Dead Sea Resort master-planned community.
eij d j ouj sandaliwl, fhi~, tuiptomai, oujd j, ajkolastou ou|sh- moi gamethi-, crhi me musanta feirein, douleuiein se leigw metriwiteron, ei| ge peiprasai swfroni despoiinhl mhde; liian calephl.
He was at Fort Bragg when fellow Egyptian soldiers who were members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) terror group assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.