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"I was producing this all–girl group, The Cocktail Slippers, when Anne and Eilif wandered in and said, 'Listen, we have an idea for you.'
(41) Eilif attempts to save the army by providing meat in the form of stolen cattle; Swiss Cheese attempts to save the capital--the cash box (as does Mother Courage when she bargains too long to save his life); and Kattrin manages to warn the village in an attempt to save the children but loses her life.
Agger will continue his rehabilitation after visiting specialist Eilif Larsen.
There's a poignant truth, for example, about the fallout from the military mindset in the paradox that Courage's reckless eldest son, Eilif (Frederick Weller), is condemned for carrying out in peace-time exactly the kind of feat that made him a hero during war.
Mother Courage's sons, Eilif and Swiss Cheese, are skinny lads wearing leotards with genitals sewn on, while the mute daughter, Kattrin, is morphed into Joan of Arc with a boom box.
The northern unit of the Norwegian national road administration has awarded contracts for hire of lorries to Eilif Furnes, Vidar Jensen Opland, Arnt Oddvar Hansen, Vidar Johan Paulsen, Roald Arne Knaedal, Per Kvalvik, Jon Grimstad, Torbjoern Gryth, Austra Maskin, Torolf Svartvassmo, Remy Lind Transport, Magnar Reinert Stene, Hallbjoern Berg Hansen, Totalprosjekt Gjersvik AS, Transportsentralen Rana BA, Transportsentralen Mosjoon, Transportsentralen Hattfjelldal/Grane, Sparby Bil AS and Sigbjorn Remmen.
"I have already had two expert opinions, one from a doctor here and one from a Danish doctor, Eilif Larsen.
Eilif Gramstad, for example, has been interested in the night sky since he was 10.
Three clubs were chosen for closer scrutiny: "Eilif," "Rebekka West" and "Lipp." Despite some similarities they represent three stylistically distinct physical environments.
Agger will return to Melwood to continue his rehabilitation after visiting specialist Eilif Larsen.
Mother Courage's three children - Eilif, Swiss Cheese and Kattrin - are by fathers of three different nationalities in the script.
Roles are handled with appropriate conviction, and young Kasper Sveen as Tomas' son, Eilif, nicely captures the adolescent's inability to choose between what he knows is right and a crushing desire for family harmony.