EILTEnvironmental Impacts of Leather Tanneries (Europe; environmental impact reduction project)
EILTElectronic Instructor Led Training (education)
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These videos were watched and coded by these two students (observers) to detennine preservice teachers' implementation of EILTs and children's correct responding prior to training.
The action plan included the number of EILTs the preservice teacher planned to implement for the target behavior during the first session.
During the coaching condition, the coach observed the preservice teacher and target child during the entire free play activity and took notes about teachers' implementation of EILTs (i.
The coach did not provide any feedback to preservice teachers for their implementation of EILTs during the generalization activity.
Visual analysis of graphed data was conducted to evaluate the effects of training plus coaching on preservice teachers' use of EL In addition to visual analysis, Tau-U (Parker, Vannest, Davis, & Sauber, 2011), a nonparametric effect size calculation method (Parker et ah, 2011; Rakap, Snyder, & Rakap, 2016), was used at the end of the study to determine the effect of training plus coaching on preservice teachers' use of EILTs.
As shown in Figure 1, the percentages of preservice teachers' correct implementation of EILTs were low during baseline.
Teacher 1 demonstrated 0% to 25% correct implementation of EILTs during baseline, and her implementation was somewhat variable with a decreasing trend.
Teacher 2's correct implementation of EILTs also ranged between 0% and 33% during baseline, and some variability and decreasing trend were observed in her implementation.
Teacher 3 also demonstrated 0% to 33% correct implementation of EILTs during baseline with some variability in data and a slowly increasing positive trend.
As preservice teachers' correct implementation of EILTs increased, percentage of correct responding of children with developmental delays who participated in the study increased.
Findings from the present study show the combination of training plus coaching resulted in more accurate use of EILTs for all three preservice teachers; teachers generalized the use of EILTs to another setting and maintained high levels of correct implementation after coaching ended.
However, the majority of trials implemented during baseline were incorrect, and percentage of preservice teachers' correct implementation of EILTs increased only after the introduction of the intervention.