EILUEuropean Intermodal Loading Unit
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For all policing matters in the central and northern North Sea and the sea west of Shetland, the EILU can be called upon to advise and assist daily by colleagues and the workforce alike.
The EILU is made up of myself and police staff member Len Braun and between the two of us we have almost 70 years of experience of policing.
A strong ethos of the EILU is partnership working and by working closely with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Health and Safety Executive, we can further enhance our ability to keep people safe offshore.
A further example of collaboration between Police Scotland and the other UK and European forces is the Memorandum of Understanding the EILU has with South Western Police District in Norway.
This allows Norwegian officers to act for EILU in situations when offshore workers are transferred to Norway in emergency situations and vice versa.
Locally, the EILU supports the good work of the Emergency Preparedness Offshore Liaison Group and the various sub-groups associated with this forum.
eilu v'eilu) ("The French rabbis have asked: 'How can they both be the words of the living God when this one permits and the other prohibits?' And they answer: Because when Moses ascended on high to receive the Torah, God revealed to him with respect to each and every issue forty-nine bases for prohibiting and forty-nine bases for permitting.
Eilu v'eilu ("these and those") is the Jewish challenge to allow these partial truths to argue with and feed one another, and in this way cultivate a greater truth.
The European Parliament is keen on allowing the Member States and the EU to grant tax relief or other concessions to transport operators opting to deploy the future European intermodal loading units (EILUs), whose development is provided for in a draft Directive tabled last April (COM(2003)115).