EIMDExercise-Induced Muscle Damage
EIMDEchelon Institute of Management Development (Echelon University; Netherlands)
EIMDEuropean Institute for Managing Diversity
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Furthermore, there is also a lack of information about the effects of EIMD on posture and balance, as well as on speed, agility and quickness.
This study investigated the development of EIMD following damaging exercises for the hamstrings.
It has been assumed that an increase in lactate contributes to an augmented ventilatory response following EIMD (40).
e pain, on subsequent days of recovery following EIMD.
In the control group, EIMD was induced with a Contrex dynamometer (CON-TREX Multijoint System, CMV AG manufacture, Switzerland).
The main finding of this study demonstrated positive effects of sauna intervention on EIMD symptoms in pain intensity and muscle function.
It is known that neural adaptations may partially explain why a prior bout of eccentric exercise provides protection to the extent of EIMD following a repeated bout of eccentric exercise (McHugh 2003; Starbuck and Eston, 2012).
Specifically, Starbuck and Eston (2012) provided evidence that the neural adaptations mediate the protection against EIMD in the contra lateral arm.
Recently, CWI have gained increasing popularity as a means to improve recovery after strenuous training (Barnett, 2006); although most of the benefits in attenuating symptoms of EIMD are based on anecdote and lack empirical evidence (Wilcock et al.
In light of the previous limitations regarding exercise specificity, immersion temperature and duration, the aim of this study was to elucidate the efficacy of repeated CWI in the recovery of EIMD elicited by plyometric exercise.
It has been shown that strength loss after EIMD was independent of muscle action (isometric, concentric or eccentric) being performed (Byrne and Eston, 2002).
Notwithstanding the obvious fact concerning the presence of both direct and indirect symptoms of EIMD, still not only the damage mechanism itself but also its effect on the time-course of muscle function and neuromuscular performance remains to be clarified.