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EIMSEudora Internet Mail Server
EIMSEnvironmental Information Management System (US EPA)
EIMSEducational Information Management System (various organizations)
EIMSEast Irondequoit Middle School (Rochester, NY)
EIMSEmployment Information in the Mathematical Sciences
EIMSEuropean Innovation Monitoring System
EIMSElectron Impact Mass Spectrometry
EIMSElectronic Information Management System
EIMSEquipment Integrity Management System
EIMSElection Information Management System (California)
EIMSEnterprise and Infrastructure Management System (iTRACS)
EIMSElectron Ionization Mass Spectroscopy
EIMSEmergency Information Management System (Australia)
EIMSElectronic Integration Management System
EIMSEvaluation-Engineering Installation Management System
EIMSEnterprise Integration Messaging Specification (IBM SOA business data vocabulary semantic web integration specification)
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147 AdegC; IR (CHCl3) max cm-1 3440, 2930, 1460, 1370, 1040, 760; EIMS m/z (rel.int) [M]+ 450 (15), 432 (25), 404 (34), 376 (45), 362 (55), 320 (40), 264 (61), 166 (55), 125 (61), 111 (29), 97 (52), 83 (100).
144-145 AdegC; IR (CHCl3) max cm-1 3433, 2929, 1460, 1375, 1040, 762; EIMS m/z (rel.int) [M]+ 478 (08), 460 (21), 446 (40), 432 (23), 404 (38), 376 (49), 362 (64), 320 (55), 264 (68), 166 (69), 125 (48), 111 (40), 97 (72), 83 (100).
Second, the incidence of EIMs both before and after diagnosis of CD differs markedly by the duration of the disease.
The seminar proceeded with presentations and in-depth technical discussions on EIMS, best practices and way forward for Pakistan.
In EIMS, women who reported high alcohol consumption had an odds ratio (OR) of 0.6 of developing MS compared with nondrinking women, and men with high alcohol consumption had an OR of 0.5 compared with nondrinking men, according to the results.
EIMS boosts collaborative knowledge sharing and facilitates informed diagnosis via Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX Data Center, which provides a single, vendor-neutral integration point to the electronic health record (EHR).
Within the EIMS software low idle hibernate mode, factory default is set at 600 rpm for the 938 through 966 loaders, with low idle work mode set at a factory default of 825 rpm.
The State Board of Education adopted the first-ever EIMS with "Windows on Science," a videodisc-based elementary science program from Optical Data.
EIMS delivers protection over the network, enabling IT managers to know who or what is connected to every port.
The Channel Islands host more than 54% of Europe's offshore captives, according to the EIMS study.
The low rate of EIMs in our study could be probably explained by the correlation between CD severity and the tendency to develop EIMs.