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EINEmployer Identification Number
EINEmployee Identification Number
EINEquivalent Input Noise
EINEnvironmental Information Network
EINEuropean Ideas Network (think tank)
EINElderhostel Institute Network
EINElection Information Network (Iraq)
EINEnron Intelligent Network (Enron)
EINEuropean Informatics Network
EINEngine Identification Number
EINEindhoven, Netherlands - Welschap (Airport Code)
EINEuropean Infertility Network
EINEquipment Identification Number
EINEffective Input Noise (audio)
EINAer Lingus Limited, Ireland (ICAO code)
EINExperimental Integrated Network
EINEmitter Index Number
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73-526 addresses various scenarios in which a company undergoing a reorganization either can keep its EIN or must obtain a new one.
Rothstein and his wife, Gina Fratto, created EIN News in 1995, while living in Prague and publishing a paper-centric service for English speakers wanting to do business or work in Central Europe.
An LLC is formed under state law, and the IRS looks to what has happened under state law in determining whether it may reassign the historic EIN of a corporation to a newly formed LLC.
Distribution of copied EIN newsletters by mail, retransmission of newsletters by fax or the Internet, or making newsletters available for remote access to any type of electronic network (e.
73-526 holds that the EIN of a predecessor corporation will be reassigned to a successor corporation in an F reorganization--i.
The number issued is the business's permanent EIN, unless the IRS finds that it has already issued an EIN for that business or if the principal officer's name and Social Security number do not match Social Security records.
In the present situation, several arguments can be made in support of a conclusion that T was adequately identified by the assessments and was not prejudiced or misled by the fact that X's name and EIN were used.
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