EINETEnterprise Integration Network
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SEARCH STATISTICS FOR USING THE SEARCH TERM BIPIN (AND) DESAI: JUNE 1995 Search System Number Number of Number of Number of of Hits Duplicates Mis-hits Items Missed Aliweb none - - 25 DACLOD none - - 25 EINet 6 0 4 23 GNA Meta Lib.
Yahoo also has links to other Web search engines including the EINet Galaxy mentioned above and Lycos from Carnegie Mellon University.
EINet Galaxy URL: http://galaxy.einet.net/GJ/index.html.
* WinWAIS, a shareware Windows client developed by EINet, available at URL:file://ftp.einet.net/einet/pc/EWAI S204.Z, or URL:file://ftp.einet.net/einet/pc/EWAIS204.EXE
(wayne@dir.texas.gov) Bruce Speyer at the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation's EINet services for establishing a WWW site for Gopher Jewels, managing the list services Gopher Jewels and Gopher Jewels Talk, and technical services/ advice.
now moved to EInet. And for providing e-mail services and technical advice.
A commercial version, which will include additional features such as EINet security services, is currently under development and is expected to be released soon.
WinWeb--like its macintosh counterpart, MacWeb--supports the display of text, graphics, sound, and video and can be used to view information from a number of Internet sources, including EINet Galaxy, a directory service developed by EINet which provides a comprehensive index of information available on the Internet.
The Enterprise Integration Network's (EINet) WAIS client software is enabling computer users throughout the country to gain timely, online information from the Federal government.
EINet, a service of the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), has developed a customized version of its WinWAIS client software for the GPO's WAIS server application.
EINET is an advanced communications infrastructure that helps users locate the information they need and create a secure environment for conducting transactions while also providing other key value-added services.
The Enterprise Integration (EINet), a project of the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), has made available as shareware EINet implementations of the Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS) client software.
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