EINJEye Institute of New Jersey
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one thought foolishly: Everyone, everyone should have his day in court.' (EinJ, p229).
(18) So while a story teller such as Grynzpan is clearly a figure of redemption, what Arendt discovers 'in the endless sessions that followed' his testimony, what makes her first thought 'foolish', was actually 'how difficult it was to tell the story--at least outside the transforming realm of poetry' (EinJ, p229).
So when Adolf Eichmann declares to the court--in Jerusalem--that he is a reader and admirer of Herzl's Der Judenstaat, Arendt parrots back: 'Theodor Herzl's Der Judenstaat, which converted Eichmann promptly and forever to Zionism' (EinJ, p40).
This is the reason, and only reason, you must hang' (EinJ, p270).