EINSHACEinstein Institute for Science Health and the Courts (Bethesda, MD)
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In addition, says this same judge, her experience with EINSHAC gave her the idea of providing case-specific scientific glossaries for jurors, which she has used several times at trial.
The primary EINSHAC goal of helping judges better identify the scientific evidence to be allowed at trial doesn't apply to appellate judges, who can't bring new evidence into their review of lower courts' findings.
King says that his own education from EINSHAC greatly increased his comfort with DNA evidence in criminal trials involving serious felonies such as murder and rape.
One EINSHAC program, the Genetics Adjudication Resource Project, or GARP, is designed to assist judges by predicting new kinds of cases that may arise from the Human Genome Project's mapping of all human genes.
In following the science, EINSHAC is taking on a more global perspective, according to Zweig.
To that end, EINSHAC judges have traveled to other countries to discuss what they've learned about scientific advances in the United States.