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EIOEmergency Information Officer (Canada)
EIOExtreme Input Output
EIOEnhanced Input Output
EIOError Input Output
EIOExecute Invalid Opcode
EIOExecutive Informational Overview
EIOEnhanced Input/Output
EIOEnterprise Inventory Optimization (software)
EIOEvermore Integrated Office
EIOElectronic in Out (software)
EIOExtended Interaction Oscillator
EIOEquipment Inventory Office
EIOElectronic Insurance Office
EIOEvent Input Output
EIOElectronics Industry Outlook
EIOEuropean International Orientation
EIOEnsemble Instrumental de l'Ouest (French: Instrumental Ensemble of West)
EIOEthernet Input/Output (networks)
EIOEnvironmental Investment Organisation (UK)
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Boteti East MP, Mr Sethomo Lelatisitswe had asked the minister whether the EIO had catered for the local community, and whether small companies would benefit.
The influence of the warmth in the EIO SSTs was estimated by comparing the likelihood of wet JAS periods like 2016 (same threshold as previously) in seasons of above- and below-average detrended EIO SST anomalies in the current world ensemble (200626 in RCP8.5).
The EIO model also assumes that the same production practices used to supply the foods and beverages consumed in the Baseline Diet were used to produce the foods in the two healthy diet scenarios.
A prominent dry bias relative to CMAP is also observed over the northwest of India and the east of EIO. A comparison of both SSBC methods over the EIO shows that SSBC_New greatly reduced the dry bias of SSBC_ Def.
The results of crossing the data resulting from this survey with the types of eco-innovation advocated by Dias (2014) and EIO (2013) are shown in Table 17.
Neste artigo, examino tres objecoes a EIO, as quais designo, respectivamente, como Problemas do Nivelamento por Baixo, da Classe Media e do Custo.
Furthermore, each of these points was simulated using Sim-EIO to obtain an EIO trace.
The new European investigation order (EIO), currently discussed between Parliament and Council, should help "take some of the pressure off the EAW" by enabling member states to call for a witness statement, a piece of evidence or an interview with a suspect by videoconference, instead of asking for the extradition of a suspect.
This includes Editoria Italiana Online (EIO), Edicidn Espanola Online (EEO), Fabrizio Serra ejournal collections, Franco Angeli ejournal collections, Olschki ebook and ejournal collections, Ecole Francaise de Rome, BIZ--Biblioteca Italiana Zanichelli (ebsco.com).
Abstract--The effects of El Nino--Southern Oscillation events on catches of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the eastern Indian Ocean (EIO) off Java were evaluated through the use of remotely sensed environmental data (sea-surface-height anomaly [SSHA], sea-surface temperature [SST], and chlorophylla concentration), and Bigeye Tuna catch data.
Se registro su longitud total (Lt), longitud estandar (Le), longitud de la cabeza (Lc), longitud de la maxila (Lm), altura pedunculo caudal (Apc), longitud de aleta pectoral (Lpec), espacio interorbital (Eio) y peso total (Pt).