EIPAEuropean Institute of Public Administration (Netherlands)
EIPAExternal Ip Address
EIPAEducational Interpreter Performance Assessment
EIPAExport and Import Permits Act (Canada)
EIPAEmergency Information and Public Affairs
EIPAEarly Intervention Providers Association (New Jersey)
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Najeeb Mohammad Al Ali, executive director of Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau, said, "We value the efforts of the EIPA in raising awareness and protecting intellectual property.
Twelve people responded that they had the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) certification; one person stated their certification had lapsed; and 87 indicated they never had EIPA certification.
Cruz III), (837) involved certified questions from two class actions commenced in federal court claiming that banks were deliberately ignoring their EIPA duties.
2004), Handbook for the European Negotiator, Maastricht: EIPA
The EIPA has been working hard to tackle intellectual property (IPR) and software piracy in the UAE in recent years, and stated that its agreement with Dubai eGovernment would add to its efforts.
Luxembourg: European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA.
From Luxembourg to Lisbon and Beyond: Making the Employment Strategy Work, Maastricht, EIPA, 67-83.
Section 3 of the EIPA authorizes the Governor in Council to establish an "Export Control List" in order to set controls and procedures for the export of certain goods.
Al-Ali said: "We value the efforts of the EIPA in raising awareness and protecting intellectual property.
did not intend to authorize private rights of action under the EIPA.
These changes led to recent research that examined how interpreters currently working in educational settings can be prepared in order to improve their score on EIPA, resulting in the development of an on-line training program (Bowen-Bailey, Gordon, Jones and Shaffer, 2013).
The Committee of the Regions after 10 Years: Lessons from the Past and Challenges for the Future', EIPASCOPE, Maastricht: EIPA, 2005, [Online] available at http://aei.