EIPCÉcole d'Ingénieurs du Pas-de-Calais (French: Engineering School of Pas-de-Calais; Pas-de-Calais, France)
EIPCEuropean Institute of Printed Circuits
EIPCEnhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities (US State Department)
EIPCEuropean Investment Performance Committee (Investment Performance Council)
EIPCEgyptian International Programming Center (website)
EIPCEffective Instructions Per Cycle
EIPCEuropean Interactive Pain Course
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Jerome De Boysere, representing Clariant at the EIPC conference, observed in a presentation on halogen-free activities that products containing halogenated FP, s have developed a bad image since 2005, and some companies have been losing market share by missing the switch to halogen-free alternatives.
My small group was joined by a larger delegation from Europe, sponsored by the EIPC. The EIPC delegates included Michael Weinhold from EIPC, who was kind enough to photograph the tour and has provided the pictures for this article; Ivan Ho of Cimnet; Dominique Pellizzari of Groupe Cire; Andreas Folge of Technolam; Takahashi Okudera of Yamamoto Mfg.; Rex Rozario and David Pike of Graphic Plc; Giovanni Tridenti of Somacis; and Wendy Heyes and Tom Parker of CC Electronics Europe (pictured in PHOTO 2).
The European Independent Purchasing Company (EIPC), which manages all purchasing and the supply chain for SUBWAY[R] in Europe, the world's largest sandwich chain, has strengthened and expanded its team with the appointment of STEVE FITZSIMMONS as Purchasing Manager and BEN FRICKE and DOMINIQUE BILLES as Regional Supply Chain Managers.
Ipca is a member of the World Electronic Circuits Council (Wecc) and is represented in all its international council meetings to provide an opportunity for Ipca to be in close association with other world Pcb Associations like Cpsa, Eipc, Tpca, Kpca, Jpca and Ipc.
Over the past two years ODC has implemented two LOAs to allocate $800K in Enhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities (EIPC) grant aid received by India.
Students can utilize what they learn in class for their current or future assignments; for example, the Enhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities Program (EIPC).