EIPEErasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics
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Eipe pointed out that the tool has been designed to accelerate specification and add value at every stage - from design through to build and beyond.
Media professional Tascha Eipe has lived in seven countries and travelled to nine.
I travel to know more about places and people, and often discover more about myself in the process," says Eipe, who make three trips in a year, besides official ones.
Infinitive complements are also used when the complement sentence does not report a statement, but a command or a suggestion: (18) eis de eipe [...] strategous men one PTCL said:3SG generals PTCL helesthai allous choose.AOR:INF other 'One said to chose other generals' (Xenophon, Anabasis, 1.3.14)
(24) hos eide ta t' eonta ta t' who knew:3SG the PTCL be.PRES:PTCP the PTCL essomena pro t' eonta be.FUT:PTCP before PTCL be.PRES:PTCP 'Who knew the present, the future and the past' (Homer, Iliad, 1.70) (25) oud' ho g' alethea eipe NEG 3SG PTCL true said:3SG 'He did not say the truth' (Homer, Odyssey, 13.254)
210 the formula is "de tote Poulydamas thrasun Hektora eipe parastas," but XIII.
We wish to thank the following for valuable assistance in the field and their inspiring company: Kristian Eipe, Kurt Thomsen, Tornge Qaviaq.
Another detail calls attention to the unusual nature of this request: not only is the scenario that Catullus envisages the opposite of the one imagined by Callimachus in Aetia (there the poet receives his poetry from the Muses; here Catullus provides the Muses with what they are to sing), but the unorthodox solicitation would appear to have a particular Callimachean line in mind: eipe, thee, su mev ammiv, ego d' eteooisv aeiso (H.
Next up is Anindya Roy's gently witty My Swiss Warm Up , with pleasant illustrations by Rajiv Eipe. It is ironical that Roy's story should focus on Bollywood, when he himself writes about a rule to that effect in the introduction.