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EIPHExercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage
EIPHEssentials for iPhoto (software)
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Although only 9 (12%) of all the examined horses showed signs of EIPH on endoscopy, 94% (n=15) of the horses with tracheal secretions showed hemosiderophages, 44% (n=7) showed hemosiderin, 94% (n=15) showed activated macrophages, and 75% (n=12) showed epithelial cells on cytology.
Currently, the most common method of diagnosis of EIPH is endoscopic examination, associated to tracheal or bronchoalveolar lavage (BALF).
Because the CCC had never been diagnosed with EIPH, and it is considered now a sport horse, the aim of this study was to assess the presence of EIPH in this breed.
The presence of erythrocytes was considered as the positive marker for EIPH in this study.
Mike Shepherd, a partner at Rossdales veterinary practice in Newmarket, says: "When looked at critically, EIPH occurs to some degree within all horses under exertion.
More than 80 per cent of racehorses experience EIPH at some stage during their careers.
HEAD says it is not easy to treat a horse who is seriously affected by EIPH.
It's quite common for connections to ask us to scope a horse which has run poorly, trace a small amount of blood in the windpipe and attribute the performance to EIPH.
With funding in place from the Levy Board, Roberts and his team will investigate the role of airway resistance in the development of EIPH.
If true, altering the resistance to airflow in the lungs-which occurs in some respiratory diseases-should affect the frequency of EIPH.