EIPSEarly Intervention in Psychosis Service (UK and Australia)
EIPSExtra Improved Plow Steel
EIPSEastern Idaho Photographic Society (Idaho Falls, ID)
EIPSEastern Iowa Pond Society
EIPSEuropean Institute of Protestant Studies
EIPSExcellence in Professional Service (education award; New York)
EIPSElectronics Industry Pallet Specification
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Collaborations with academic health centers have enabled much greater flexibility in the types of surveillance and special studies that the EIPs and, correspondingly, the respective state health departments can undertake.
The introduction of Wales' first Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) would mean both schools taking on wider responsibilities for the children and young people in their communities.
EIPs promise to be a new approach to EU research and innovation, inasmuch as they are specifically targeted on a long-term objective and bundle numerous already existing initiatives(1) under one heading, making them easier to control.
It has a network of high-traffic affiliate Web sites, including CNBC.com, Fox Marketwire, and AOL's Netscape Netcenter; distribution partnerships with concerns like Inktomi, iSyndicate, MediaDNA, and Mobilize, Inc.; feeds to EIPs built by Engenia Software, Hummingbird, Ltd., Hyperwave, Lotus, Plumtree Software, Radnet, Sybase, Verity, and Viador, among others; and direct feeds to the intranets of over 1,700 corporate, government, and not-for-profit institutions.
Other research we have done indicates that much of the impetus towards EIPs comes from the business intelligence side of companies.
As for the rest of Verano's putative competitors in the enterprise information portal (EIP) market, Pangaro says some, like Plumtree and Autonomy, are just starting off, while others - notably Documentum - are coming to EIPs having exhausted a market of their own.
On January 1, 1996, FoodNet began collecting population-based active surveillance data on culture-confirmed cases of seven potentially foodborne diseases (Campylobacter, Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, and Yersinia infections) among the 13.2 million residents in five EIP sites(*).
Last week, the TIEZA launched the Electronic Import Permit System (eIPS), an online web-based system for filing and processing of TIEZA import permit applications of TEZs and RTEs, in a bid to streamline transactions.
2017, USM entered into an agreement with RBS to securitize its equipment instalment plans (EIPs) and entered a supplemental indenture with a maximum funding limit of $200 million.
It's also one of the company's biggest markets for what it calls "EIPs" (Extremely Important People) -- its most engaged and discerning customers.
[71] While the net influence rising temperatures will exert on larval development, adult size and abundance, female biting rates, EIPs and adult longevity is complex, warmer summers in eThekwini may increase the likelihood that Ae.