EIQEscuela de Ingeniería Química (Spanish: School of Chemical Engineering)
EIQEnvironmental Impact Quotient
EIQEmotional Intelligence Quotient
EIQEmission Inventory Questionnaire
EIQEnergy International Quarterly (publication)
EIQEmployer Integrative Quotient (Human Resources Management)
EIQEnd Item Quantity
EIQEquipment Installation Qualification
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The SOCVue subscription SaaS service, according to EIQ Networks, combines people, processes, and technology to deliver a cost-effective information security program.
According to the scale norms a weak EIQ = 1.50-2.49, moderate 2.50-3.49, strong = 3.50- 4.49, and exemplary = above 4.50.
With the increasing number of high-profile security breaches, companies of all sizes need to take active steps to fortify their security infrastructure with a range of network and information security monitoring solutions to protect against cyber attacks and ensure network continuity, said Brian Mehlman, Senior Director of Product Management at EiQ Networks.
A not exhaustive list of commercial MPPT DC/DC converters (often called microconverters or power optimizers) includes SolarMagic power optimizers by National Semiconductors (four-switch buck-boost topology) [26], SolarEdge power box (buck-boost topology) [27], Tigo Energy Module Maximizers (MM-ES50, MM-ES75, MM-ES110, MM-ES170, buck topology) [28], Xandex SunMizers (buck topology) [29], SPV1020 produced by STMicroelectronics (boost topology) [30], eIQ Energy Vboost (boost topology) [28], and Tigo Energy power optimizers (MM-EP35, MM-EP45, MM-EP60 (boost topology)) [28].
From the scaled scores that correspond to these five subscales, an estimated IQ (eIQ) (Fuentes, Romero, Dasi, & Ruiz, 2010) was obtained, in order to ensure that all the participating children had an IQ of 85 or more.
EiQ Networks has introduced a new offering to help organizations assess their cyber defense readiness.
EiQ Networks has debuted three free security intelligence tools FlowVue, LogVue and EventVue that will deliver centralized log management, event monitoring and network flow analysis at no cost for up to 25 devices.
Summary: EiQ Networks, which provides security, risk and compliance solutions, has announced a distribution partnership with Bulwark Technologies, one of the leading value added distributors for IT Security and IT Solutions in the Middle East.
IT security solutions vendor EiQ Networks has partnered with Bulwark Technologies in a deal that will see the regional VAD supply the channel with the vendor's security solutions.