EIQEnvironmental Impact Quotient
EIQEmotional Intelligence Quotient
EIQEmission Inventory Questionnaire
EIQEmployer Integrative Quotient (Human Resources Management)
EIQEnd Item Quantity
EIQEquipment Installation Qualification
EIQEnergy International Quarterly (publication)
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Table 3 shows that there are highly significant and positive relationships between EIQ subscale scores and TSES subscale scores.
For example, self-awareness component in Cameron's (2004) questionnaire exists in ECI, EQi and EIQ; emotion component within intrapersonal exists in one of the 15 subscales of EIQ and in MISCEIT as management of emotion; motivation component can be found in both ECI and EIQ; empathy component exists in both ECI and EQI, and social skills component exists in ECI.
Applying the EIQ to the spray reports yields a measurement of how heavy a chemical burden a particular stretch of road is bearing.
Los EIQ estan estandarizados para diferentes insecticidas y herbicidas usados comercialmente, en diversos contextos ambientales.
The EIQ tries to overcome the main shortcomings of previous research instruments.
This is in contrast to serum ELISA IgG or EIQ tests that detect the presence of an antibody but do not assess if the antibody function is neutralizing and helpful or complement fixing and harmful.
IPM-trained farmers' attendance score and their age and education status are significantly associated with the pesticide applications, observed biodiversity, and field EIQ.
Likert-type scale was built into the EIQ to pick up the information and create the different indicators.
Companies and employees with a strong EIQ are able to listen, understand emotion, operate with integrity and speak the organization's values.
26) Given that the PCA and PAF produced nearly identical results, we report the results of the PCA to be consistent with the development of the SIQ, EIQ, EII, and FOLQ.
The intent is that growers can use EIQ to make pesticide choices based on the EIQ impact calculations.