EIRCEducational Information and Resource Center (Sewell, NJ)
EIRCElectronic Investor Resources Centre (Hong Kong)
EIRCExplorations in Renaissance Culture (journal; Arkansas State University)
EIRCElectrical Insulation Research Center (University of Connecticut)
EIRCEstimated Interest Rate Calculation (Experian)
EIRCElectromagnetic Interference Reduction Committee
EIRCEnvironmental Impact Review Committee
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Our colleague in English at Missouri State University, Angelia Northrip-Rivera, had previously served as EIRC assistant editor during T.
It was never our intention to make this volume a "best of EIRC." Of course, we admire the quality of essays included in this volume; had we the resources, we could have doubled the length without reducing the quality.
(The first issue of EIRC, as noted below, appeared in 1974.) In 1976, as the organization grew and its future planning became more complex, the membership voted to create the position of Executive Secretary-Treasurer in order to provide greater continuity in decision-making.
That EIRC was a multidisciplinary journal was evident from its inception.
Former head editor of EIRC, Gary Stringer, has recently joined tile English Department and his expertise and experience are highly welcome.
The current issue of EIRC is tile ripe fruit of one of its affiliated societies, The Queen Elizabeth I Society.
The Summer 2011 issue of EIRC (a special issue on Queen Elizabeth I) will begin the editorship of Thomas Herron of East Carolina University.
I wish to thank Frances Malpezzi, editor of Explorations in Renaissance Culture, and EIRC's anonymous readers for their careful suggestions for improving this article.
I would like to thank Dror Wahrman, Guy Tal and the anonymous readers of EIRC for their valuable suggestions.
I wish to thank my colleagues, Susan Elaine Marshall, David Mead, Vanessa Furse Jackson, Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak, and Janis Tedesco Haswell, as well as EIRC's anonymous readers for their invaluable suggestions.
(2) Even a cursory flip through Nicholas von Maltzahn's An Andrew Marvell Chronology (2005)--essential reading for the poet's biography--reveals EIRC 35.1 (Summer 2009): 3-10 how tightly Marvell's life was intertwined with the major events of his time, how deep his social immersion perpetually was, and how misleading the assumption that his professional life moved from an idealized retreat at Nunappleton to a full-time commitment to public action in bustling London.
The 2008 recipient is Elisa Oh for her essay, "Refusing to Speak: Silent, Chaste, and Disobedient Female Subjects in King Lear and the Tragedy of Mariam," in EIRC 34.2 (Winter 2008): 185-216.