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EIREEireann (Ireland)
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Such a proposition for Eire would rest on a gross misunderstanding of what the Reformation was, and what its long-term effects have been.
Eire presents a cast of tree-characters--large trees lining an avenue in Miami that transform themselves into guardian angels; dreamed-of "Christmas trees" that magically front his new home in Bloomington, Illinois; artist-trees that produce leaves in autumn that are masterpieces of colorful complexity.
Eire quotes Augustine's word about when he was questioned about what time was.
Eire focuses on "paradigm shifts"--historical moments when thinking changes dramatically--to organize his vast topic into five chronological sections.
Just a total waste of taxpayers' money and a disgracefully cruel episode in the history of Eire.
Are the people of Eire contributing their taxes to the economy of Northern Ireland?
There are over 200 Lagarde units in operation in the UK and Eire on products ranging from ambient sauces to pasteurised ready meals and Doypacks of cooked rice.
WERE Eire the first foreign team to beat England in this country when they won at Goodison Park in 1949, and can you name the teams?
Before returning to Albion I took a look around and was delighted to see that nice site archeire [architecture Eire geddit] at www.archeire.com claiming back Peter Rice, an Irishman hitherto too frequently described as a UK citizen.
Barnes & Noble.com (NASDAQ: BNBN) has announced that author Carlos Eire will lead an online discussion about his latest book, 'Waiting For Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy.'
But, in this case, the home front is Britain, not Eire. In an excellent effort to offer balance to the many acts of sacrifice of Irish men and women in the crusade against the Axis, the author devotes an entire chapter to the IRA during the war.