EIRISEthical Investment Research and Information Service (UK)
EIRISElpas Infra-Red Identification and Search (Visonic Technologies software)
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Metodologia EIRIS para la Evaluacion Ambiental, Social y Etica de las empresas listadas en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.
The finer points of the CHRB are still being developed, but according to Stephen Hine, deputy CEO at EIRIS, the group aims to have the first public launch of the finalized benchmark go out in spring 2016.
A group of churches and charities set up EIRIS in 1983 to provide members with information about the extent of a corporation's social, environmental, and ethical performance to support them in their investment decisions.
The alliance with Cardinal is viewed as a way to neutralize prescription drug cost trends and restore margins as well as improve the profitability of Fred's EIRIS specialty pharmacy business.
They include: * Natural resource scarcity: 61%: * Growing population: 59%; * Availability of global food supplies: 57%; * An ageing population: 56%; * Environmental damage: 56%: * Water scarcity: 52%: * Climate change: 49% and, * Reduction in biodiversity: 46% "We've seen a huge increase in the amount of money being invested ethically and this has gone hand-in-hand with the interest in ethical consumerism in general," said Mark Robertson, head of communications at EIRIS and editor of YourEthicalMoney.
In order to assist people looking for ethical financial products, EIRIS has launched www.
EIRIS (2007) The state of responsible business: Global corporate response to environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges.
Esta informacion suele proceder del servicio de informacion y analisis de la propia entidad, de agencias de investigacion o rating social (KLD, SAM Group, EIRIS .
The following sections describe the EIRIS data on social performance, and the other variables that we employ in the study, respectively.
154) Indeed, the contribution made by ethical advisory and research bodies such as EIRIS in evaluating corporate environmental performance points to a seminal role such bodies can play in the emerging networks of environmental governance.
The EIRIS website now includes information on pension funds to show consumers how their fund is applying social, environmental and ethical principles - if at all - to their investments.