EIRMAEuropean Industrial Research Management Association
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This is a report by an EIRMA Working Group that considered the question: given the wide usage of Stage-Gate[R] and similar processes, why is it that some companies, even in comparable industries, have far more innovation success than others?
An ongoing (anonymous) database should be set up to enable participating EIRMA members to submit and carry out cross-industry benchmarking.
In late 2002, EIRMA surveyed the funding and organization of R&D in Europe.
Trends in industry-institute R&D partnerships, from a 2002 survey of EIRMA member companies.
The authors thank colleagues throughout EIRMA for the stimulating ideas that led to this paper.
This report by an EIRMA Working Group examines corporate venturing as an effective means of technology acquisition (spinning in) and technology divestment (spinning out).
The EIRMA working group consisted of some 25 major European corporations that shared their experience of roadmapping; it quickly became apparent to them that there was no generally available guidance on how to tackle this appealing but ultimately complex activity.
Many tradeoffs are possible and tools for managing these tradeoffs are available and used by EIRMA member companies.
Integrating Technology and Business Strategy; EIRMA Working Group 58.