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EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EIRPEquivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (ITS)
EIRPEarth Incident Radiated Power
EIRPEffective Incident Radiated Power
EIRPEmergency Irrigation Rehabilitation Programme
EIRPEquipment Identity Register Procedure
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With an antenna gain greater than 28 dB (for maximum scanning losses) the EIRP is over 37 dBW.
Q is a system-quality-factor term combining the EIRP with the receiver figure of merit.
Moreover, an EIRP test was conducted to confirm the performance of the antenna, showing that it is possible to harvest RF power of -2.0 dBm when the antenna input power is 9.25 dBm.
The sum of the antenna gain and the transmit power may be referred to as the effective isotropic radiated power, or EIRP. For example, regulatory rules may limit radiated power to 30 dBm EIRP in a given band.
* Individual MB AN devices are limited to a maximum 1-mW EIRP transmit power measured in a 1-MHz bandwidth for the 2,360- to 2,390-MHz band.
System level simulation parameters Item Sub-Item Parameter Value Link BS Tx power 43.0 dBm Modeling Max EIRP 55 dBm Antenna Gain 15 dBi Antenna Height 30 m Cable Loss 3 dB Thermal Noise -174.0 dBm/Hz Noise Figure 3 dB MS Tx Power 23.0 dBm Antenna Gain 0.0 dBi Antenna Height 1.5 m Thermal Noise -174.0 dBm/Hz Noise Figure 5.0 dB Channel Path Loss ITU-R M.1225 Veh.
These power levels allow the rV300i products to provide up to 62dBm EIRP per MIMO branch into a standard 120deg sector, the company said.
Read/write distances of up to 10m with 4W EIRP can be achieved.
The equivalent effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) level can be found using
[P.sub.r] = EIRP + [G.sub.r] - 32.44 - 20 log ([f.sub.GHz] * [d.sub.m]) - [L.sub.env].
and knowing that for dipoles ERP [dBm] = EIRP [dBm] - 2.15, we obtain the following formula for the electric-field strength E [V/m] at a certain location, as a function of the EIRP, the path loss, and the frequency: