EIRREconomic Internal Rate of Return
EIRREastern Idaho Railroad
EIRREnergy Internal Rate of Return
EIRREuropean Industrial Relations Review (journal)
EIRRExternal Independent Readiness Review (US NASA)
EIRRExpected Internal Rate of Return (financial measurement)
EIRREnable Interrupt Request Register
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EIRR and FIRR -, its defining characteristic being fact discount rate, in this case--applicable in process of reinvesting benefits yielded by the functional(completed) investment project--, is (equal to)weighted average cost of capital (WACC) (6).
4) The material in this paragraph draws heavily from Pontusson and Swenson (1992) and EIRR (1992a).
Denmark's minister abstained because he had not yet consulted with Danish employers and trade unionists (Sciarra 1988:14; EIRR, July 1989, pp.
Tenders are invited for Providing Consultancy services for preparation of detailed project report i/c GAD , Survey, structural Design, soil investigation, drawings, Cost benefit analysis including EIRR, FIRR, IEE and SRP report cost estimate and proof checking for construction of 2-Lane Elevated road over L/C No.
assessment of the economic cost and benefit and determining the FIRR and EIRR of the Project.
The Feasibility Study will provide detailed calculations of financial Internal Rate of Return ( IRR ) and Economic IRR ( EIRR ) for the Project.