EIRREconomic Internal Rate of Return
EIRREastern Idaho Railroad
EIRREnergy Internal Rate of Return
EIRREuropean Industrial Relations Review (journal)
EIRRExpected Internal Rate of Return (financial measurement)
EIRRExternal Independent Readiness Review (US NASA)
EIRREnable Interrupt Request Register
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Selling off 20% shares near or after COD as allowed by SECP would further improve EIRR. Financing cost is a real killer of business in Pakistan.
The massive North-South Commuter Railway that will encompass Central Luzon, Metro Manila and Calabarzon through a 145.1-kilometer rail system between Clark International Airport and Calamba, Laguna, meanwhile, had an EIRR of 10.5 percent.
The Neda chief underscored the above-hurdle EIRR of certain key projects.
Some authors denoted EIRR cases with intact or affected cement and necrotic pulp (5, 13, 46), and as consequence, apical periodontitis is mentioned as an independent entity (9, 15, 17) or included in the same RR category as the original Andreasen classification (1, 2, 4, 10, 11, 14, 16).
The Commission has already published in the Official Journal the results of this comparability exercise for 10 sectors and their 129 constituent jobs (EIRR, 1992b).
The Project has an EIRR of 20.19% and an FIRR of 14.1%.
There have also appeared numerous reports of increases in the intensity and depth of firm-level bargaining (Pontusson and Swenson 1992; EIRR 1992a).
'Major infrastructure projects were subjected to economic evaluation so that only projects that matched or exceeded the EIRR benchmark rate of 15 percent was implemented and those priority projects that failed to reach the benchmark used ODAs [official development assistance] with softer terms.'
"The economists have computed a very high Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR) for the BRT at 53 percent.
The need of firms of all sizes to compute rate of return of an investment project is addressed by corporate finance, which provides firms' management everywhere--at least, everywhere there is a market economy--with such a tool as internal rate of return (IRR) index, which, as well as its several variations (EIRR, FIRR), is useful as far as simply determining rate of return size.
Addressing the meeting, the WAPDA Chairman said that the international financial institutions were taken keen interest in providing funds for WAPDA projects due to the excellent Economic Internal Rate of Returns (EIRR) of these schemes.