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EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EISEnterprise Information Systems
EISEnvironmental Impact Study
EISEarly Intervention Services
EISEnglish Institute of Sport (UK)
EISExecutive Information System
EISElectrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
EISEpidemic Intelligence Service (CDC)
EISEnterprise Investment Schemes (UK financial information)
EISEducational Institute of Scotland
EISEuropean Innovation Scoreboard
EISEnvironmental Information Systems
EISEntry Into Service (date)
EISEnterprise Information Services
EISElectronic Information Services
EISEuropean Information System
EISEmployee Information System
EISEngineering Installation Squadron
EISEnterprise Information Security
EISEarly Intervention Specialist
EISEmergency Information System
EISExtreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer
EISEconomic Information System
EISEyes in the Sky
EISEngineering Information System
EISEssbase Integration Services (Hyperion)
EISExtended Instruction Set
EISElectronic Instrument System
EISEnvironmental Impact Survey
EISEudora Internet Suite
EISExpressive Intelligence Studio (University of California, Santa Cruz)
EISEngineering Integrity Society
EISEritrean Islamic Salvation (Eritrea)
EISEnhanced Income Security
EISEisenhower Interstate System
EISEnvironmental Impact System
EISElectronic Information Security
EISElite Information Systems
EISEquipment In Service
EISExpanded Inband Signaling
EISEnd Item Specification
EISExternal Interface Specification
EISElectrically Isolated Silver (colloidal silver)
EISEnrollment Information Service (ACT, Inc.)
EISExpert Information System
EISEnhanced Information System
EISEffective Isotropic Sensitivity
EISEquipment Imbalance Surcharge (shipping industry)
EISEnhanced Imagery System
EISEcoforestry Institute Society (British Columbia, Canada)
EISEnterprise Infrastructure Security Initiative (EPRI)
EISEvent Information System
EISEnterprise Internet Services
EISEffluent Inventory System
EISExecutive Interface System
EISElectron Impact Spectroscopy
EISEquipment Issue Scale
EISExecutive Interface Structure
EISEnd Interruption Sequence
EISElectromagnetic Intelligence System
EISEconomic Information Systems, Incorporated
EISEnforcement Investigation System
EISEscamilla Intermediate School (Texas)
EISEstimating Information System
EISErasure Insertion Scheme
EISEmirates Internet Services (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
EISEmployee Inquiry System
EISElectronics/Engineering Installation Squadron
EISEnvironmental Industry Council
EISÉlément Important pour la Sûreté (French: Important Element in Security)
EISEmployee Insight System (Questar)
EISElectronic Image Stabilization (photography)
EISEastern Irish Sea
EISEnterprise Integration Suite (software)
EISEuropean International School (Philippines)
EISEducation Information Service (various organizations)
EISElectronic Ignition Systems
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Following receipt of public comments on the draft EIS, CNSC staff will consider all submissions received in making its determination on whether the EIS is satisfactory or whether further information is required from the proponent.
Google's Nexus 6P from last year also utilized EIS technology for its camera.
Kuber Ventures said it is the only platform offering EIS/SEIS solutions for EIS/SEIS investors, helping to simplify the EIS investment process.
All states, territories, and the DoD provide EIS programs to infants and toddlers from birth to age three who are developmentally delayed or at high-risk for a developmental delay.
On 7 November 2013 the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) issued the EIS Assessment Report in relation to the project, completing the EIS process for MLA70486.
Flanagan added: "Following this latest cancellation of a scheduled meeting by the Scottish Government, the EIS will now consider the next steps.
Both these factors make EIS a much more attractive proposition for investors, especially high earners who have seen their tax free pension contribution allowance reduced substantially.
We are delighted to have attracted someone of Nigel's calibre to this role and his skills and experience will be vital in taking the EIS forward to 2012 and beyond.
Modeled after a traditional medical residency program where the bulk of the education occurs through experiential learning, the EIS program provides valuable training to the officers and a vital service to CDC and the agency's public health partners.
EIS has also performed work at the Westin Time Square Hotel, UBS headquarters in New York City, Cingular Wireless headquarters lobby in Woodbridge, NJ; and two of the lobby floors at Newport Developers (Lefrak Organization) Towers of America, in Jersey City, NJ.
Now, PEO EIS boasts an organization with more than 40 programs.
For EIS investors, the annual investment limit for income tax purposes is doubled to pounds 400,000.