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While the reason for the raid was unclear, it coincided with planned celebrations for prominent lawyer, Sherine Al Eisawi, who was released from Israeli prison last week after serving four years behind bars.
The family believes that the Israeli decision is aimed at denying Al Eisawi's mother the chance to present his case on the international arena.
"The Israeli authorities have denied my mother access to the international community to make sure that the voice of Al Eisawi will not reach the world," Sherine Al Eisawi, a sister of the fasting prisoner, told Gulf News.
Al Eisawi's hunger strike entered its 248th day on Tuesday and the doctors warned that his aACAyheart could stop any moment'.
According to Sherine Al Eisawi, Samer's sister, the man's weight is 46 kilograms, his pulse rate 37 and his blood sugar level is 47.
Al Eisawi family accused the Israeli military forces of targeting the fasting Samer with the demolition, claiming it was aimed at putting pressure on Samer to stop his fast.
In an interview with Gulf News, Sherine Al Eisawi, Samer's sister, said that Israeli forces arrived at Ra'afat's house and started the demolition immediately.
Al Sharawnah has been fasting for the past 172 days while Al Eisawi has been fasting for the past 142 days in protest against their re-detention without charges or trials after they were both released during the Shalit prisoner swap deal.
He said that Al Eisawi's body does not accept any kind of medications and he does not sleep day or night.
This is the Israeli legal approach," said Sherine Eisawi, Samer's sister.
Sentenced by an Israeli court to 30 years' imprisonment in 2002, Al Eisawi had served 10 years before his name was approved by the Israeli government as one of the prisoners to be released in the Shalit prisoner exchange deal.
Riyad Al Eisawi, who heads Al Eisawiyah Charity, said that the clashes with the Israeli forces spread to cover all the entire area, where the Israeli forces summoned backup to handle the spreading clashes.