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EISCEdison Industrial Systems Center
EISCEuropean Interparliamentary Space Conference
EISCExtendable Instruction Set Computer
EISCEgyptian International Shipping Company
EISCEntrepreneurship and Internationalisation Subcommittee (Singapore)
EISCEnvironmental Impact Statement Contractor
EISCEVA Internal Stowage Compartment(s)
EISCExperimental Imaging Sciences Committee (American College of Radiology Imaging Network)
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EISC (Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation Subcommittee) Report.
The question of the appropriate value for the EISC is highly controversial.
cost estimates implied by specifications with EISC values equal to the Attanasio-Weber and Kandel-Stambaugh estimates.
He brought a 55-gallon drum of chopped tomatoes to the Toledo EISC, and he and Dave Beck, director of the EISC's Center for Innovative Food Technology, visited the powder booth in the facility's basement.
The EISC, for instance, has had forums where food company executives get together with NASA experts to talk about adapting space technologies to the food industry.
ObjectSpace's Enterprise Solutions team and our understanding of advanced computing solutions and other leading technologies such as Java(tm) will be key to our role within the EISC," said David Norris, president, chief executive officer and co-founder of ObjectSpace.
The EISC has the opportunity to shape the direction of the EAI industry.
The EISC was founded to identify the standards requirements for successful enterprise integration, identify existing standards efforts that fulfill identified enterprise-integration needs, and identify and define required enterprise-integration standards for which no effort currently exists.
The EISC will benefit today's enterprise by reducing cycle times (or latencies), cost and cost containment.
Through its membership in the EISC, Visual Edge will be able to 1) enable businesses to better understand the range and impact of available integration strategies; and 2) help educate companies about the core business benefits of Enterprise Integration, such as increased ROI and improved flexibility and responsiveness.
The EISC has the unique opportunity to help the rapidly emerging Enterprise Application Integration market mature," added EISC founder and chairman David McGoveran.
com/eisc/ or call David McGoveran, EISC founder and chairman at 831/338-4621.